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Packaging is an important part of receiving any item as it helps to handle, protect, and absorb shocks during transit.

Once the item is given to the shipping company, there is no one from our or your side who can protect it. Natural events like rain, snow, thunderstorm, or turbulence during the flight are uncontrollable, and this is where packaging plays a vital role.

To ensure the safe delivery of each item, we use different packaging options depending on the item type.

For a Marble Idol, which is a valuable item in terms of money and faith, we use foam packaging. The foam expands and helps create the mold or shape of the idol, which is then packed in a metal or wooden box. We always use foam in both boxes, which absorbs any shocks during transit and keeps the idol in good condition. We do not use cheap thermocouple sheets like other sellers.

For jewelry or accessories like bangles, we wrap them in bubble wrap, put them in a plastic box, wrap them again in bubble wrap, and use Bopp tape to protect them from water and snow. Then we put them in a packaging flyer that contains the delivery slips.

We pack clothes in bubble wrap to handle the weight of other items during transit, although we know that cloth cannot be damaged. Then we use packaging flyers to keep them discreet, secure, and waterproof.

Our Packaging Process

This is how we pack our beloved God using Foam in Matel and a wooden box