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Packaging is the most important part of any item that you are about to get. Packaging matters a lot from handling, protecting the item, and absorbing the jerks the package gets while its journey.

As we all know, once it is handed over to the shipping company, there is no one from our side and from your side who can protect it. and everything depends on how the shipping company employees handle it and how they load/unload it. similarly, there is no control over natural events such as rain, snow, thunderstorm, or turbulence in flight. and there the packing performs its very important role. 

As end-user or customers, we generally don't think much about packaging. but as we mentioned above that better packing will protect your item more sturdy and secure.

That is why we make sure that each and every item must be packed more securely, waterproof, and safely. And for that, we have multiple packaging options that depend on item type.

Marble Idol:

Marble Idol is a very expensive item in terms of Money and Faith.

We don't want that our beloved god reaches to our door with damage or in broken condition.

That is why we use Foam Packaging. A foam packaging is a chemical-based foam that expands once both chemicals meet. and the expansion of chemicals helps us to create the mold or shape of the idol. and all this process happens in Matel box or Wooden box. if the Idol's height and width are below 21 inches, and 16 inches respectively then we use a metal box otherwise we use a wooden box. but in both boxes we always use foam. this foam helps a lot to absorb any kind of jerk. even if it drops from 5 meters height then still it keeps the idol in intact condition.

Many other sellers use thermocouple sheets instead of foam because that is a cheap option. but we always use foam. you can see the video of the whole process.

And once it's packed it can only open at your home because to open it you need to break the foam. and once it breaks no one can again put it together until repack it with chemical foam.


If the item is bangle or related to fashion accessories then we wrap them with bubble wrap and keep that in a plastic box and then again wrap with bubble wrap. after that, we use Bopp tape to conceal it and that protects it from water and snow. and then keep that into the packaging flyer which contains the delivery slips.


We pack the clothes in bubble wrap even though we know that cloth can not be damaged but still, we use bubble wrap so that it helps handle the other items' weight if the shipping company put more items on that package while transiting. and then we use packaging flyers to keep it discrete, secure, and waterproof.

Our Packaging Process

This is how we pack our beloved God using Foam in Matel and a wooden box